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Master PET is one of the leading companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East in the field of manufacturing polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) containers.

Master PET started its journey in the world of plastic products and offered many solutions for packaging food, medical and cosmetics products from the finest PET, PE and PP raw materials. Its expertise has grown and worked on continuous development in technical fields with a specialized team, and it has provided added value to the food, medical and cosmetic industries in Egypt, Middle East and some foreign countries.


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Today, it has an industrial facility with a high production capacity, and the ability to develop ideas and studies with companies to reach packaging technologies that suit all industries. We, at Master PET, rely on high-quality materials in the manufacturing process in order to achieve the optimum and safest quality in the food field, which makes Master PET able to provide appropriate packaging solutions in an attractive and distinctive way, and thus will clearly reflect on the development of marketing the final product to the consumer.


All our packaging solutions are manufactured and developed in advanced automated manufacturing units that include the latest in global technologies, equipped with modern and advanced machines, and with high experienced and skilled workforce, which made our wide fame beyond the borders of Egypt, as we export many and varied products to Turkey, Emirates, Jordan and many countries in the Middle East and Africa. What distinguishes our products is their important role in protecting the environment.


All our polyethylene and polypropylene products are recyclable without containing any component that may cause harm to the environment. This makes us at the forefront of the participants in the process of preserving the environment, reducing global warming and protecting living creatures.


In addition to all of this, we have obtained the following ISO certificates: 

ISO 9001:2015, ISO 2200:2018

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We are committed to providing all practical, safe and advanced solutions for packaging food, medical and cosmetics products in accordance with quality standards that serve the community and do not harm the environment, and we are committed to continuous development in all our services.

Facilitating industries with innovative solutions for food, medical and cosmetic packaging.

- Quality: We are committed to providing our products by applying the highest international quality standards and specifications
- Development: through keeping up with and transferring modern technology, in addition to the studies and research we carry out.
- A healthy environment: by using safe, healthy and environmentally friendly materials.
- Excellence: Through the implementation of the organizational performance integrated system, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers.
- Sustainability: As we aim to create integrated values, we not only create economic values by enhancing profits, but we also bear a greater responsibility to create social values as one of the citizens of the world.