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Master PET | Quality Makers PlasticJars Manufacturing

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Industria East Compound, Block 22 & 23 Sector H, South Of 10th Of Ramadan AL-Roubiki Road,Sharkia – EGYPT.

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Every year, we manufacture an astounding range of PET, PP and PE packages, personalized as per our customer’s diverse needs. On top of delivering our products to every nook and cranny of Egypt, a significant volume is also exported to major Middle Eastern countries and Turkey. With a team that comprises around one hundred dedicated staff and a well-established laboratory, we’re determined to fulfill our customers’ requirements all over the world. We leverage an array of leading-edge technology and machinery to enhance the quality of the end products, and the most distinguishing factor that makes Master PET a leading brand in Egypt is the tailor-made solution we offer to customers. Our production unit can churn out any number of bottles, lids or containers in any form, size or color according to your specifications. For upholding unparalleled quality manufacturing procedures, Master PET was awarded ISO 9001:2015, one of the most prestigious certification in global quality standards, for quality management system in 2017. Whatever the industry you work for, we can create the best-in-class packaging solution for you. Whether it be healthcare, food & beverage or cosmetics industries, you can get top-class containers in bulk quantity and affordable prices from Master PET. If you are ready to take part in a crucial environment-protection campaign and pursue a humanistic business practice, welcome to Master PET.